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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Bruny Island

I went on a grand adventure to Bruny Island on Monday.  
And going to Bruny of course is exactly that...a  fun and exciting  adventure...catching the ferry gives you gurgling excitement in the bottom of your tummy just like a childhood adventure.
I was off to see my friend who is lucky enough to live on Bruny and has recently purchased a marvellous property with old gardens in need of some repair.  So in the misty rain we stomped around in our gumboots and discussed layouts for vege gardens, orchards, new extensions and trees.  We meandered through paddocks filled with golden autumn grasses and shook out our wet gear and sat in front of the fire to dry out, drink wine and laugh and discuss the possibilities.  What a wonderful way to spend life....sometimes being a garden designer is buckets of fun and enjoyment.
Every time I visit, I realise all over again that Bruny is uniquely wonderful with glorious colours, mountainous views and sweeping paddocks. It makes you sigh with peace and contentment but hits you with immensity and inspiration all at the same time.  I found wonderful colours in the stones walking on the beach and startling greens and browns walking through the paddocks and scrub.

The whole place makes me think of a wild quiet roar.  It roars with space and beauty but it does it so quietly it gives contentment and joy.
I was lucky enough to stay the night and it was so pitch black when you turned out the light, it almost took your breath away.
I 'll be the first to put my hand up when they want anyone to live there.....its absolutely wonderful.  I feel completely refreshed and I was even working!

Friday, 1 April 2011

Gardens Gardens Everywhere

With the weather turning to Autumn and the leaves changing colour, gardening is definitely on the agenda.
And now is the best excuse to pull out the much loved red gumboots and wear them whenever I can.  Whether in the garden or just totting off to the shops.  Definitely my favourites.