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Friday, 13 April 2012

lillies, hedges, pop up florists.....!

Greetings...well I am back.
Please excuse my lack of posting...I have had a few technical difficulties...haven't been able to load a thing onto my blog....but it all seems to be back working again....thankfully.

I am sitting at my desk puzzling over a garden plan that I am just trying to finish and daydreaming out the window at yet another lovely sunny day - this of course is called procrastination!    Wow what amazing weather.  We have had the most incredible extended Indian Summer interspersed with sudden cold nights every now and again.  The gardens don't know if they are coming or going.  Its only a matter of time until it all cracks up and we get cold for the winter but its temptong to just pack it all in today and go and stand in the sunshine and enjoy the very best and seemingly last of the warmer rays....I am getting distracted.

I have also been having a little fun this morning looking at a few of my favourite sites around about and finding some lovely and inspirational ideas.

For example, I found out this morning that the newest lilly varieties are being released  this week...some of them are quite lovely.

And I have been investigating hedges ...I think i could do with a few of these looks in my garden...no space really but it makes you wonder if you could incorporate them....somehow.

The newest rage in America seems to be not only growing flowers and making wild bunches but having pop up florist shops.  What a fun idea.  Pop up shops of all descriptions are becoming popular it seems.


This last photo reminded me that I haven't planted my sweet peas and I had better get cracking...it's well past st patricks day.  I am going to grow them in little paper pots first this year and then plant them into the garden when they are big enough.  I have had lots of problems with pesky black birds getting into my seeds constantly. Nothing seems to deter them!

Nice to be back.  Have a great weekend.


  1. Hi Karen So great to see you here as a new follower. Thanks for the tip about the sweetpeas - that's now on this weekend's agenda!

  2. what are the trees planted next to the hedge?