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Monday, 30 April 2012

crabapple jelly....the best ever

The best Crabapple Jelly ever this year....

I have been enjoying myself making crabapple jelly.  Every year my espaliered crabapple 'gorgeous' is laden with shiny red jewel-like mini apples and I usually try and use as many of them as I can to make something.  Some years I just have to give them all away as I run out of time.
But this year, I have had lots of fun making the best ever glowing raspberry red crabapple jelly.   Very satisfying!
I have made plain crabapple jelly, mint jelly for lamb using crabapples as a base, a spicy cinnamon and star anise crabapple jelly and crabapple and rosewater jelly.
I don't have a glass jar left in the house....which is a miracle in this place as I always seem to be collecting them and filling the top shelf of the pantry with them and then never getting through them all.

The joy of making crapabble jelly is that really it is so simple and you do little bits of the process of a couple of days, so you aren't having to be bogged down with making over hours and hours.

Oh and I used the juice of a  lime for my pectin top up rather than a lemon and you can really taste the difference.


From this....


 Through this process.......
using the best ever jelly jam strainer....took me years to find this

to this.....  its been a lovely success this year.  I'm not sure it will last long in this household though.

Next year I am determined to experiment and make crabapple verjuice.  Always wanted to have a go at making verjuice and I found a recipe so will give it a go.

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  1. Can you tell me the name of the jam strainer and where I might find one? Many thanks. Brian