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Thursday, 25 July 2013

sabaticals and a little monastic garden

Hello.....I am back from holidays.....

I wrote a couple of blogs when I started my oversease trip, but suddenly I went into holiday mode and just didn't really get the chance to write any more.  I was enjoying myself , the whole day was taken up with getting from A to B, and I think I just needed a mind holiday from everything at home and from the business.  I do apologise to those people who waited patiently for the next installment only to find it didn't come!  We are back though and there is lots happening this year that I will outline as I get back into my blogging again.

I did want to do a little bit of catch up with some of the other wonderful things I saw but didn't write about while I was away.

While in SiberniK in Croatia on a sweltering hot day, we climbed up stone stairs and a cobbled lane to come out and stubble across the most wonderful monastic church garden.  This garden had been renovated, had the ubiquitus cafe added, was very well cared for and created an wonderful cool oasis on a day that made you sweat in the shade standing still.
We commented on how wonderful it was to find something so beautiful and we wished we had a few spots like this in Australia, where we took what was old and made it useable, relevant and perfect for how we live today.  All over our travels through Croatia we were struck by how wonderful it was than ancient houses, churches, buildings were used and lived in and made to work for todays living, rather than becoming shrines, or museums or ancient crumbles.

 I hope it illustrates just how wonderful it was.