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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

fathers day......

Its always great to remember your Dad and this weekend is Fathers Day. 
 But I do sometimes struggle with just what to buy for him. 
 We have lots of things instore for Dad's and here is our bakers dozen to give you a few ideas.......  there's plenty more instore.

our lawn rake is new....and its really lovely

lots of great tools that are good quality, practical and have a 5 or 10 year guarantee on them

bench top compost buckets....with an insert for ease of cleaning containing the smell if you forget to empty it in time!

go go juice.....an all time favourite for us.  This really does work.  Makes your plants grow!!!!  Australian made, organic with probiotics for plants and seaweed.

One of our favourite watering cans....great quality and ergonomic.

Look after all your tools with the oiling and cleaning kit.  Great for Dads that love to look after their tools and like to tinker.

We have been really impresses with these seeds and now is a great time to keep sowing greens and salad veg.  Our kneeling mats are great to save sore knees for the gardener and we have lovely secateurs for every situation and taste.

The ultimate in shoe shinning......the brush attached to the bag keeps your hands clean while you clean your shoes and then stores any addtiional brushes and polish.  Keeps everything together and is great for travelling.

We have some lovely garden books....lots of practical ones, lots for inspiration and lots for ideas and projects

A pair of very impressive urns to make a statement in the garden without breaking the bank.  these look great with small trees in them, citrus, olives or larger topiary. 

The infamous paper potteer.....great for practical and sustainable raising of seeds and seedlings.....everyone should have one of these.

A selection of topiary and ivy circles.  Unusual pots....spot the antique washing tub pots in the window.  Classic trugs for the stylish gardener.

Or if you just can't decide.....how about a gift certificate.  Then Dad can come in and choose something himself.

Friday, 24 August 2012

the art of having a garden

I was reminded this week, that just having any sort of  garden is a lovely thing to do and should be aspired to.
It doesn't have to be hard work, or contrived or really really special and be able to be shown off to everyone.  It doesn't even have to be a vegetable garden which for some people the thought of is stressful  and tantamount to hard work.  I know in this day and age, we are supposed to be embrassing our vegetable gardens and lots of us of course do.....but its not the only way or even always the easiest way to have a garden.

I am lucky enough to work with people all day on creating gardens and sometimes it just involves putting something green and enjoyable and even possibly flowering into a small space that can be viewed from inside for a instant pick-me-up and leisurely sat in during the warmer months for more instant pick-me-up. 

 Its ok to be a little wild, a little unkept, and not necessarily straight.  I wonder sometimes if we are making it all a little too hard.  We want beautiful, fabulous gardens, like we see in the magazines, but these are a bit more that minimal amounts of work usually and often done on a larger scale than we would like to pay for or have the time to implement.  
So instead of worrying about having the perfect garden, just aim for the garden that gives you enough pleasure with just enough work to give satisfaction.

I picked up the latest Gardens Illustrated and was inspired that even the smallest space you can have the garden that reallly gives you green, a little colour, space to sit, a few veg if you are inclined and not too much headache for a continual weekend schedule that has a long list of must be performed jobs to accomplish in the garden.  Sit, chill, enjoy the birds and bees.