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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Farwell Paris

Our last day in Paris...so we spent part of it strolling through the Jardin du Luxembourg.  The Luxembourg Gardens are right in Saint Germain and are the quintessential french public park to be in, be seen and enjoy, soak up sun, have lunch, partake of icecream and generally engage in the good life.
The gardens are laid out in the formal french style as they were designed and the pollarded alleys, water features and parterres are wonderful.
Walk along the allees and around the pond and past the tennis courts.  Stop to admire the men playing chess and wander along the palace outer walls to find a seat in the shade along the grassed areas to enjoy lunch.
Don't what ever you do sit on the grass unless in an area that has been designated such.  The french police will come along whistles blowing and shoo you off.....I must admit I have never seen this happen but I have been told it will actually occur.  I wonder???  is this a french myth and practical urban joke??
There was only one patch of grass that everyone was sitting sunning themselves on.  All the others seem to be off limits....see the photo below.  It was full of students from the nearby university - the Sorbonne.
Its dusty and crowded and thoroughly awe inspiring and a joy to be in the gardens in Paris on a sunny day!

One last tip......If in Paris...visit the Rodin museum.
Maybe I will do one last Paris blog with tips for Paris....there are markets and restaurants and fabulous shops we have found.  Not to mention gardens and avenues to walk and highlights eg one must go (whether into gardens or not), the Royal Palace gardens. 
So much to do in Paris and so little time...you never see it all.  I have a list for next time already!

Farewell  (Au revoir) Paris....off to the Loire.

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  1. I'm loving your blog Karen, and soooo want to go to Paris, NOW! But gosh, you must be exhausted. Are you running on sheer exhilaration? Thanks for your posts and the pics. Kathy