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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Patrick Blanc

Paris is bursting with joie de vie.....its hot for springtime and everyone has hit the streets and is soaking sunshine.

No contemporary garden visit is complete to Paris without visiting the Patrick Blanc installations.  He was the guy who started the whole planting walls on vertical spaces and buildings that is now becoming such a worldwide phenomenom.   I'm not sure that he had the original idea...think hanging gardens of babylon....but he certainly made it something for the coming century.
So off we went to look at the building with a plant wall.  Its huge and quite literally amazing.  And as soon as you get there you realise how cool it is...the change in temperature from the surrounding buildings is quite dissernable.
This is the future in all sorts of ways and it really is simple.  I can't wait to get home and have a proper try at doing it.
Anyone have a building they made green??

Today we finally had time to sit and have plat de jour for lunch.  Oh bliss....you just can't go wrong can you in Paris!
And ....!!!!!.......we went to THE Cordon Bleu for a cooking class...made the most amazing red mullet and tomato tapenate tart.  Not a combination I would have usually thought of ...but we had a absolute hoot.  And I now have a smashing cordon bleu apron to cook in when I get home.  Does this mean I can brag that I am Cordon Bleu trained?

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  1. Hi Karen, my sister and I were there two years ago and were amazed at this green 'growing' building. Isn't the Musee de quai Bronly fantastic. Such a stunning and innovative exterior and truly fabulous treasures inside. Thanks for your inspiring blog.