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Monday, 27 June 2011

Hyacinths for indoors

It really is easy.  
Hyacinth vases come in a variety of different  types, colours and sizes - the common theme being that you can hold a hyacinth bulb in the top.  They are rapidly becoming collectors items...but we have a collection of inexpensive usable ones in store ($15).   It is almost getting a bit late - but if it appeals to you have a go.  
I have found that you don't need to put them in a cupboard.  Just pop the hyacinth bulb in the top, fill with water just up to the bottom of the bulb.  you don't want it swamped with water or it will rot.  Just to its bottom sot he roots can grow down into the water.  All the instructions will tell you to put a piece of charcoal in the water.  i have had success with and without it.  Then put them in a well light but not sunny spot and let them go.  the roots and shoots will grow and eventually you will have a flower.  Don't put it too close to heaters.
One of the greatest challenges is finidng good quality hyacingth bulbs - but I do it every year as I love the scent of hyacinth flowers throughout the house.  Its subtle and sweet and thouroughly enjoyable.  And they look great.
The kids love doing them also - big and small.  Its a win/win for everyone.


  1. every year I tell myself I will do this and I never do maybe this is the year I will do it !

  2. They're beautiful! Have a lovely day, Kellie xx