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Thursday, 13 September 2012

springs gales, wreaths and plantings

For the last week, while I have sat at my desk staring out the window to the garden, I  have been amazed at the weather we had all in a week.  We really have had 4 season in one day for most of it.
Spring started with the most beautiful unseasonal  warm sunny still days and graduated into snow, gale force windes, rain and dark clouds.  Its sunny and a little blowy again as I gaze out my window again this morning....typical spring weather.  Not freezing, a little blowy, intermitantly sunny.  
And of course there is blossom everywhere.  On one of the more gentle days....I went and stood under the plum tree which blossoms first in our garden and it was like standing under a thick cumulus cloud that was showing gentle snowflakes.  It was lovely.  It snowed blossom on me and I came in with my hair and clothes sprinkled with delicate white petals.  The simple things that just make you smile ....!

In between times, we have been busy....there has been lots of stock landing in store which we are unpacking and sorting.  Lots of lovely things....keep an eye on facebook for all of these.

We have also had a great collaboration with a local artist, Laura Purcell, who has made the most magnificent enormous pinot noir vine wreath for us to hang at a special job we were doing.  Its great fun doing things with other people and getting wonderful results.  Laura is very clever and has a fabulous eye and does the most amazing work.  We will be having lots more of her things in the shop over the next year.  I'm twisting her arm to weave wreaths for xmas and lots of other things while the vines are pliable from their Tickleback Ridge Vineyard near Conningham.
We have also planted up some beautiful pots with indoor plants to thrive in the conservatory. 
Its all looking fabulous.

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