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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

pot-hole gardening ....sweeping the world

I have been reading quite a bit here and there about pot-hole gardening lately - its popped up in a few magazines and blogs.   Its very cute, a bit of fun,  has everyone talking, gardening and doing,  and more than anything it's hard to resist smiling about it.....and that's got to be good.

It all seems to have derived from the concept of guerrilla gardening, but it's getting some press at the moment thanks to an Australian based in London....Steve Wheen, who is becoming famous and rather well known as The 'Pot-Hole Gardener'.  
It about just what it sounds like.....putting a little (miniature) garden into a hole...be it pothole, footpath hole, road hole or any small space available in a public area.

It all came to a bit of a head during the London Olympics  and  during the Queen's Jubilee when Camilla showed an interest.
Now there are people all around Australia getting into it and sending in pictures to the blog/website the pot hole gardener
Oh and there is apparenlty a cute little book about to come out also.
Enjoy and I hope this gives you a smile for the day

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