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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Well...one of those....and one of those..

Is it really that long since I posted anything on my blog.
It has been an amazingly fast and furious month.

We have of course been unpacking christmas stock and its walking out the door as fast as we take it out of the box at the moment -yippee. 
There are lots of lovely things for christmas - am I allowed to say that -I am enjoying remembering ordering them and finding lovely things as I unpack boxes.  The shop feels like a fat christmas stocking filled to the brim, so I hope you can find whatever you would love to get for a present or for yourself.
We have also been putting gardens together furiously....it is the season for it and as the weather has co-operated, we are building, mulching, planting and enjoying the transformation as it happens.

With Christmas not that far away, I have been putting together a list of favourites that any garden inspired person would love for christmas....its going on my list to Santa of course.

Top of the list of course is sparkling wine of the Tasmanian and French variety. 
 A summer garden is fabulous for afternoon tea and drinking champagne.  All the hard work is done and friends and family can sit back with you and enjoy the green lushness of the garden in full bloom.  Its also the best time to enjoy the good weather.....and when you live in Tasmania you have to take full advantage of when that happens.

I have been searching for the gum boots that would suit me and everyone else looking for them.  Of course I have a few pairs and have been known to don them regularly with frocks throughout winter or colder weather. But ultimately, I want a good quality mid range gum boot that looks great.  I think we might have found them and I am going to get them instore for this coming year....so look forward to that one.

I am starting collections of garden paraphernalia.....I know slight madness is setting in obvioulsy but I have been unable to resist and am collecting old, unique and colourful hyacinth growing vases.  This ancient craft has always been popular in European countries especially in modern times in the Netherlands, so there are quite a few around when you go searching.
I am also falling back to the irresistable glass cloche (french term) or glass bell jar (English term).  I am finding there are a miriad of colours, shapes, sizes, handblown specimens to be found and some of them are very attractive.  So find myself drawn and purchase is becoming irresistable.....
Even more bizarre, I find myself strangley attracted to old fashioned English and European tools that have great uses but not well known for modern gardeners........this is a new slightly odd ball attraction, so we shall see where it leads.  You know things that are coming back into fashion like potato harvesters and apple pickers and manual seeders etc etc.  Some of them are being remade and resold and they really are wonderful, useful and best of all they do really work.

 We have lots of terrariums and planted glassware in store for christmas this year and they are very popular.  But this is quite as lovely as this .....I have this on my christmas list please Santa.
The 'Plantini' miniature Victorian hothouse kit is designed and made in the UK by architectural model makers. www.finchandfouracre.co.uk/

I have been looking at wallpaper a lot lately.....a little interior design project.  
There is lots around....this one is particularly attractive and very botanical.
I have a few on my wish list.....I could change the toilet, the living room and make a feature wall up the stairs just like this....

I would secretly like a trip to the trade secrets garden fair that I keep reading about in Connecticut, USA....can one ask Santa for one of these.
Maybe we should start something similiar in Tassie.  The pictures I find certainly look like there are lots of lovely garden finds, antiques, tools and plants.  As well it's a great social event, draws people from all over the world, and benefits the Womens Supports Services.

At this time of year, with gardens looking at their wonderful best....there are lots of garden and garden events to visit in Tassie as well.
Come and join us next weekend on our annual visit to the Weston Peony farm.  It's just wonderful and the peonies in full flights of flowering as far as you can see is inspiring.  Peonies are ravishing and with such a short season it we love them for the full 4 weeks.
Email us at store@karenwagnergardendesign.com.au or phone through to the shop to book and pay for your place on (03) 6234 1245.

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