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Sunday, 26 May 2013

THE chelsea flower show for 2013

Well everyone has heard that Flemings won the Best Garden at Chelsea this week - a big congratulations.  Not only is it quite an amazing feat that an Australian team could even be considered for  the big win, but to do so on the 100th Chelsea Flower Show is something.  Apparently they won hands down!
I have been collecting photos and snippetts from Chelsea all week.  I have had a little help as my Mum was actually there and sent little tidbits through all week in the leadup and then about her day there.
It has to be remembered that it is definitely a 'show' and it's a spectacle in its own right......don't get me wrong its fabulous and I love going to Chelsea when I get the chance.  Its a unique and fabulous experience.  If you ever get the chance don't hesitate.  You can appreciate it even if you aren't a garden afficinado!

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