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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

ah well...you can hardly believe it

Well I know it has been a ridiculously long time since I was blogging...almost a year.  I wouldn't blame you for thinking I just didn't care, but the reality is I somehow became ridiculously busy and just didn't have the hours in the day to sit and write.  I did think often that certain things I saw and was involved in would make wonderful posts on the blog and I must let people know about all the wonderful things happening in the garden world........but there just wasn't the hours in the day.

So....for an update.  
We have been so ridiculously busy because I have started a new business.  It's an extension and  continuation of what we were already doing with the garden design business, but it branches into interiors and the world of design & living.  There is just so much happening out there and wonderful things all over the world being done by dedicated and talented people.  I saw a bit of an opening, I got lucky enough to stumble across a fabulous little shop and voila, before I knew it the ink was dry on a lease, I needed to get in and fix and paint and set up and get open & operating.   It has taken quite a bit of mind and body power...but here we are up and organised and drawing a big calm breath again.

The new venture is called Verde (green in Spanish, Italian etc)@ Karen Wagner Design and is in Lansdowne Crescent in West Hobart.  Its all about design, interiors, lifestyle, having a bit of fun & finding fabulous things. It's also about finding things that come from thoughtful, sustainable & creative minds, hand or locally made, fair trade, objects of beauty, are of quality, useful  & lasting.  Its an eclectic collection drawn from all over the world, but there is a strong emphasis on Tasmanian & Australian made and created.   
We  also feel we are connecting the garden and the inside and continuing to pursue our underlying design theme.  

We still have the little garden design studio and garden store that we do all our garden work out of.  (But I am thinking I would like more space to do a few things now I must admit....maybe that will be the next leap....we shall see).    If you are in Hobart or if you are visiting Hobart, please come and say hi.  We are open Mon - Fri 10-5ish and Saturday 10-2 at this time of the year.

We are having lots of fun and have been delightfully embraced by the community and Hobart generally (thanks Hobart!).  

Jump over onto facebook page and have a browse - don't forget to like us.  We will post all our daily happenings, new stock and ideas on our facebook page.

So blogging now might just take on a bit more of a broader perspective.  There will be some interior things to think about and discuss as well as all those fab garden things.

We do need to make mention of something big happening in the garden world at this time of year.....
That, of course, is the Chelsea Flower Show.  It's a garden cultural icon and is followed avidly across the world but is quintessentially English and proudly so!.  I have been trawling the sites to find out who won what, what interesting things garden designers have done this year and what interesting trends and titbits are about.
Overall it does seem to be a bit of traditional, classic and calm show this year with many of the gardens using lots of green, hedging, calm paving and water.

Until next time....which I promise won't be as long this time.


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