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Tuesday, 12 August 2014


It's well documented that having plants in the house helps to lift your spirits, clean the air you breath and adds to overall health and wellbeing.  But keeping  indoor plants is I know sometimes challenging.  Something that is much easier to keep looking good is a terrarium.  
They have of course become increasingly popular over the last year or so and if you feel you are reliving the 70's a little, its ok.  Its still the same concept but they are looking a little bit better than the ones I remember from the 70's.   
There are lots of styles to choose from....cutesy to sophisticated to over the top impact.  To their advantage, they are quite low maintenance, easy to keep, last for ages and look great almost anywhere.  As well as at home, they work brilliantly in offices, waiting rooms,surgeries, shops, restaurants and cafes.  Try just  singles or pop together a cluster. Could help to cut down on the cost of weekly flowers!  And its good for you!
Here's some inspiration...or pop into the garden store and we will make one up for you.  

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  1. Thank you for sharing some beautiful ideas for terrariums.