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Monday, 27 June 2011

A few special things

ARHHH!  I have settled back into my normal chaotic life...sometimes it feels like I have never been away.  It has taken me weeks to catch up on the enormous pile sitting on my desk....how can so much accumulate in a short 4-5 weeks.  But I am almost there.
The good news is, that there are some special things trickling into the shop that I organised after seeing them in England or France.
And we are full to bursting with lovely things and I am full to bursting with new ideas thatI want to try.  I should have time now.

These journals I spied in France and had to have one.  Now we have them in store....they are a great size and are have lovely botanical pictures on them.  Great for garden notes, in your handback or a well priced present.  $12

Inspired by many things I have seen in France, I have been putting together some potted plants that are more reminiscent of terrariums.  Great for indoors especially at this time of year.  $ 75

No gardener should be without GO GO Juice.  I discovered it not long ago and have been using it to make everything grow and look fabulous in the garden.  I gave Mum some to try also and she is now convinced its the best things for vegetables and fruit.  A small amount goes a long way.  We now stock it in store.   Small  $7  Large $ 18.  Its a probiotic liquid fertiliser made by Australian company Neutrog.  Their products are sustainable and often organic and worth using.

These cast iron glasshouses are for keeping everything safe during winter frost.  They are heavy duty and I have seen through all through England and they are immensley decorative over herbs or vegetables or anywhere in the garden and over sensitive seedlings during the season.    The lid lifts off these for ventilation.  Approx 50x50cm.

Great winter reading...lots of gardening titles available at the moment.  I was enheartened by how many new gardening books I saw whilst travelling.  Lots of interesting things to read and winter is the best time while planning all those gardening things to happen through spring and summer.

Lovely green french chairs.  And succulents are back with in vogue.  They really do look great used in lots of different settings and are super easy to grow. 

'til next time....happy planning for the garden

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