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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

colour & plants indoors

One of the things I am always struck by when I venture out of Australia, is how much pots of colour and indoor plants are prominant in the winter indoor decorating genre.  It's something that we seldom embrace whole heartedly in our environment.  Maybe that comes from our overexposure to larger than life indoor plants in the 70's.  I can certainly remember them in their macrame hangers....!
For the new era we are now in....there are plenty of lovely ways to do both indoor plants and indoor colour.

I love vases and lovely glass containers with plants and flowering plants in them.  I have had primulas and violas at this time of the year in glass pots for over 6 weeks and they are still looking great.  Maintenance is easy and they keep on keeping on.
Buxus, succulents, orchids also look great in ornamental pots or glass for the indoors at this time of the year and you can see some of their roots and enjoy having a real plant indoors.
We are finding out now just how good for you it is to have plants in your indoor environment.  They bring joy in the dead of winter and help to purify your air.  Sound like a good alternative to flowers to me and much longer lasting.
We've got some instore now...all $30 and under.  More coming all the time as we are really enjoying this.

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