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Saturday, 14 May 2011

roses roses everywhere...

In every village, along the roadsides and through every chateau garden we visit, there are roses in the full flush of flowering colour.
They trail and creep up stone walls and provide the most wonderful scent and colour as we wander around.  We have been fascinated by how many roses are not just in the organised and planted gardens but in every nook and cranny and along every second wall of stone whether a building or just a wall.  They grow in the smallest patch of sandy rocky soil and are beautiful and lend a wonderful flavour and scent to everywhere.
There are many different types...singles, doubles, blousy, formal....I wish I knew all the names.  Some we recognise and others we just don't know.  But we happily stick our noses in as we go past to see if they have are scented or not.
The warm weather here brings out the scent of everything marvellously....its really warm by the afternoon and all the scented flowering plants like honeysuckle and roses give a subtle hue to the air.
We have so enjoyed the roses that seem to be the main player for this time of year.

Viva la rose!

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  1. Gosh, they're absolutely stunning. What a wonderful holiday. Plus, you are avoiding the cold here in Tas. :)