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Monday, 21 November 2011

Fresh Christmas Trees

 I am finding myself happily sliding into the Christmas spirit and enjoying the thought of a little christmas bling planning and of course I think there will be lots of green for this year.    I oscillate year to year from contemporary wire or branchy trees right through to the traditional green over the top tall European style Christmas tree - it just depends on the year and the mood of the family really.

I do however really enjoy using lots of green and greenery for christmas and my family always love a freshly cut living tree that gives a piney resinous aroma to the house. So this year we have decided definitely a real green tree.   We will hang it with lots of sparkly lights and a few special ornaments both homely hand made and upmarket heirloom porcelin.  Viola, who could resist that traditional Christmas feel.

...the only problem I had was finding a fabulous green tree.

So I recently had a chat with Lee from  Killicrankie Farm who are growing Christmas trees on their farm in the Tamar Valley.   We also decided that I wasn't the only person wanting a lovely carefully grown and selected green live tree in Hobart.
So we hatched a plan and now its possible to place an order for your Fresh Cut Christmas Tree to pick up at Karen Wagner garden design on 1st December.

As you can see from the lovely pictures from the paddock, these aren't spindly skinny trees, these are lush shapely full green trees that will give the most fabulous Christmas tree.  I was impressed.
Don't miss out.  Let us know soon and order one on the killicrankie on line store website.
Or contact us directly at Karen Wagner garden design.  (03) 6234 1245.

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