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Thursday, 1 December 2011

snap snow fresh peas

At this time of year I am trying to remember to sow my snap peas, snow peas and varieties of beans every 3-4 weeks to get a continuing supply throughout my summer months.

Its a bit of a struggle this year as one of my main antagonists is the black birds, which love ferretting out those juicy succulent pea and bean seeds once they are planted and have had a few days absorbing moisture and are just starting to uncurl their dicots sprouts......aaahhhhhgggggg.
So late one night struggling to think up a good looking effective remedy,  I remembered how impressed I was with the garden growing structures last time I was in England and France.  That has to be my solution.  Construct a fabulous looking growing frame, temporarily swath it in netting to keep those birdies at bay, whisk it off when the seeds are well sprouted...like unswathing a fabulous sculpture....and then enjoy the growing produce....sounds easy at least.

I was then lucky enough to be offered some freshly cut poles from a local that are perfect for building wonderful classic structures with....voila.  
Under construction in my back yard!!!
Although I think we will be employing the KISS principle for starters.

We have excess poles in the store if anyone is wanting some of them for their own creations.  Straight, long, beautiful, textured and interesting.  Get to it.....now is the time to create something fabulous, french and tres practical at the same time...
In the meantime, here is some inspiration for just how to go about it all.....

If anyone comes up with something fabulous ...would love to see the pictures.
Happy framing and enjoy all those yummy peas and beans.

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