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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

there's garden art in the streets of the world

Lotus flower installations by Choi Jeung Hwa...a really interesting artist who now does these motorized inflatable  lotus flowers.  There is one at the Sydney Botanic Gardens - a big bright red one.  They inflate and deflate and are fascinating...I really like these.

Moss Art...A Moss Cross in London for the Urban Physic garden. A growing sculpture...this appeals to me.

These hanging pots by boskke sky planters are interesting.  Of course, I instinctively liked them and was intriqued.... but I did wonder just why you need plants looking at you upside down....my practical nature come out sometimes.
But then I saw them in the picture below in the kitchen for herbs and realised....Yep, I could do that...that could be a bit funky and fun and practical.  Ticks a few boxes then!

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  1. The upside down pots don't really make sense to me, they look too odd to make me feel comfortable! I love the first two artists work - just beautiful! I have always adored moss :)