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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Back to the garden

So sorry for my lack of communication over the last month  but I have taken the opportunity of a bit of good weather and school holidays to spend some time doing vacation and family things.  Always a pleasant thing to do and wonderful to rejuvenate the batteries a little at this time of year. 
We (at KWGD) have also been concentrating on quite a bit of gardening and gardens for clients over the January hiatus.  We have even had some lovely weather to get out and accomplish some new things in my own garden.
So, Now we are officially back at it....but I'm quite excited and eager to get going....it's shaping up to be a great fun year with lots happening.  We have lots of gardens to design and think about and get constructed and are starting to think about doing some new orders of interesting, practical and delicious things for the garden store. 
Great news......We are just about to go online with our garden store so you can peruse and buy at your leisure whenever you feel like it and see what we have to offer you easily.
I think this is going to be particularly exciting and I'm looking forward to it all happening really soon.  Hopefully within the next week or two....so watch out for that one.
I've also taken some time to think about whats happening in the garden world and read some books and look at lots of websites and start accumulating ideas for the year.  Always lots of fun.....there really are so many people doing fabulous things...its rather inspiring and daunting at the same time.

Heres a few interesting things I stumbled across....

I've been picking lots of flowers from the garden lately and quite enjoying the naturalistic, wild look that is easy to achieve at this time of the year....I quite like the idea of a flower chandelier.

treehouse hotels around the world....now this could be an interesting way to have a garden holiday...always up for an adventure

or maybe just an out there cubby for the backyard....

Ever wondered how to understand the plant hardiness zones when reading American garden books.  Well apparenlty now its easy....  just realeased the new usda hardiness zones maps and explainations.   

Finding a wedding ring on a swedish carrot.......I quite like this as my darling husband lost his wedding ring when we were planting one of our vineyards not long after we were married.   So  maybe there is hope that one day  the ring might just pop up again...never know.

I found this great article on tomatoes varieties by the very well known Ken Druse.  A good starter for next year maybe.  And his books are interesting too...this is his new one.

the most wonderful creations out of wood and naturel branches by charlie baker


  1. we lost a (special) ring in the vegetable garden once, and couldn't see the misses searching over and over (nor would I wanted to damage my mower if it accidently found 'it' ;-) so I searched the net and found a local forum of metal-detector-geeks discussing what treasures they found; dropped a line of a potential treasure in the garden and an hour later there was a 14 year old kid in the garden who needed about a minute or two with his NASA-like device to find it; he got a reward but I think his biggest reward was his reply on the forum 'I found it' ;-)


    so maybe there are some of those geeks in your neighbourhood...