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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

a few things in the garden store

With the last fine weather of our indian summer poking through our cooler autumn nights, gardens are still very much on everyones mind.  We have been doing some lovely garden projects this season and some of the gardens are all starting to come together and look green and lush and much more gardeny than when they are under construction!
We have also been getting lots of lovely new things in store to keep all our clients and customers happy.
Just a peak at  a few things.

 lovely lutyens style seats that look wonderful in almost any situation

rustic milking stools that double as almost anything in living rooms, bedrooms, conservatories and even are quite confortable as a little seat!

these mercury glass hangers are just beautiful for flowers or little plants.  they look lovely hanging in windows and are quite special.

one of our trusted favourites, these willow planters are great for herbs and there are larger ones for vegetables and salads

we have a few cute things for easter that have been very popular...little moss rabbits.
These orchids are lovely.    Or maybe a very classic professional 8.8litre Haws watering can
is more your thing. 

Keep in mind that its the time of year to be thinking about bulbs and ordering and getting ready for plantings.  A good time to start putting your hyacinths into glass for a lovely indoor floral indulgence.  We have a few extra planter kits this year that will look great also.

more of those moss easter eggs....to match with the rabbits!

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