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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

new at KWGD...books

The cooler weather means I am less inclined to venture out and about....just like everyone else I am getting ready to hunker down.  
Although I don't have much choice most of the time at the moment other than to brave the weather...I'm madly designing and building gardens  which means I'm not scribbling away at my desk, I'm on-site nearly every day at the moment.  Its lots of fun and I'm feeling inspired.  I'll post some photos soon of projects we have underway at the moment.
Here's some new books to keep you busy.  Just in time for mothers day...can never go wrong with a great book.
Some lovely garden books, but some equally wonderful foody and inspiring lifestyle books.  I seem to have a bit of a french theme going....completely by accident I might add.  I was in France about this time last year, so maybe my subconscious is hankering...

I would love a hideaway work shed studio in the midst of the garden...this will definitely inspire you.

This French Bistro book makes me want to hop on a plane to Paris right now and try out all these wonderful authentic lively Bistros.  Can someone do a french bistro in Hobart please ...I need to be able to have a citrone presse at the end of a busy morning or day!

 Beth Chatto is one of the most inspiring plants women in the garden industry.  Her gardens are a revelation and great for thinking in terms of dry climate gardening.

I have been following Jane Webster for a while....ever since I came across her newsletters. She and her family took the plunge and bought a castle (yes a real castle) in the depths of France and then started an a cooking school  and  french experience homestay castle accomodation.
I definitely want to go there one day.....and every one has this dream don't they or some version of it....  this will inspire you.

Lovely journals and garden design books....great winter reading for planning what you are going to do come spring.

All the books you could need to keep you busy on cold nights through winter...

happy reading...always one of my favourite occupations.
See you in store soon

thanks for all the facebook likes too.

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