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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

gardens for thoughtful pause

I am constantly looking at pictures and books for ideas and inspiration and there are just so many ideas, concepts and ways of doing something flashing around the world for us to look at.  It's  wonderful to have so many bits of inspiration.  
There is a school of thought that you should never look at what is in the magazines and what everyone else is doing but concentrate on your own ability and mindset....I find being able to look at lots of alternative ideas that I would never have thougth of a great way to stimulate ideas for oneself.  Artists and desingers get ideas from so many sources, I think it helps to be stimulated to create.  All these wonderful pictures of gardens, homes and buldings I find are my storehouse of ideas that I can come back to again and again.  I know they are sitting there keeping all the ideas safely stored away until I need them.

Here are a few slightly different ideas and gardens...but non the less fabulous and it's nice to see gardens coming along and being showcased that aren't of all the same genre but still beautiful and interesting.

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