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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Gay Paris in the Springtime

Well Paris is just the same...beautiful as ever.  The spring blossom has finished but the leaves on the trees are a bright lush green as they all stand straight and tall in their solider rows of parterres and avenues.
The flowers and the florists are beautiful - there are peonies and sweat pea and lily of the valley everywhere and we bought some to scent our hotel room....who could resist?.  

It's blissful to sit in the sun in a parc and listen to people living their very French lives! 
The Palais Royal Garden  is full of roses and flowers and people lunching and enjoying the sunshine.

The epicure section of the bon marche is something one should never miss in Paris and being spring the produce is inspiring.  So many different types of tomatoes to choose from, white and green aspargus, new season sstrawberries that just smell amazing.  And taste just as good.  No hard, firm early pick varieties here.  Just the real thing!  Like standing in a strawberry patch and inhaling that delicious scent.  Very yummy!

Heres some up-market water to write home about...for the hostess with the mostest...water with bling!!

Every few steps walking the streets, there are secret passageways with enormous doors that lead to courtyards and houses and workplaces.  Each gives a glimpse of the kept garden whether its a bit lush and blousy or cut hedges and formal or just well looked after pots.  A whole land of secret worlds to glimpse.

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  1. Paris is just the most beautiful city! I am loving your descriptions and I look forward to following this blog of your trip.