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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Dixter the Great!

One garden that I was very much looking forward to visiting was Great Dixter, the garden of the late and well reknowned  English gardener, Christopher Lloyd. It was the most impressive and stunning garden last time I visited England in the height of summer and even inspired some serious reworking and remodelling of the plants in our own garden when we got home.
Well, in the middle of spring, it is still a totally impressive and stunning garden.

Great Dixter is an amazing, beautiful, exciting and inspiring place to go.
Its a voluptuous mix of colour and patterns and inspring plant combinations.
Its a 'smack you in the gob' round of colour and gaiety everywhere you go.
The plants are numerous and squeezed into planting spaces so there is little space to be seen.  There is so much to look at.  It is absolutely wonderful to wander around and just soak it all in.  Its really a very joyful garden.  Its full and overgrown and things have self seed as well as being carefully placed.  You almost feel like you could go home and do it yourself....but of course they have a lot of gardeners to make this happen.  You could certainly do some of it on a small scale as the garden is over quite an huge area.
It definitely has the feeling of a garden that is put together by a plantsperson and for the distinct purpose of having a garden that is loved and interesting and to be worked in.  While in some ways its a show garden, its not staged.  It's carefully managed and worked out in terms of plantings and design...but it gives the feeling of a real garden.

It is so very different is spring to my last visit in summer and talking to people while there it seems you can visit anytime (and probably should visit at least 4 times per year) and find the plants and colours and happenings different each time.  Foliage and the colours and texture of foliage plays an enormous role as well as the colour of flowering plants.

This is still my favourite.   Absolutely stunning!.    I wish I could go back and see it again the next day all over again.

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  1. Blog is fabulous, as are the pictures - keep snapping - all drooling at your feasting on gardens and nosh. Colours on both sides of the world are putting on exceptional display. Missing tues cuppa...... Have been reading but its taken me this long to work out how to post anything!!Enjoy the rest of your trip