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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

I want one....or two

I want an indoor plant wall....and I think I have figured out how to do it easily.

Indoor plants are making a come back. Definitely lush. 
Great for indoor spaces and creating clean air.

These are all from woolly pockets, made from recycled plastic and felt and water proof for indoor plant walls. The ideas for their uses are endless and they look great in any situation.

We have done one in store just this week and it worked brilliantly.
This is a 3 pocket in black newly planted and it was easy to do.  

We needed two peolple to help hang it.We now have the 3 pocket and 1 pocket in store ready to go for the adventurous person wanting to do their own planting. 

These are a great way to have a wall feature that is green and inspiring.

It really does look like living wall art........
I love it and I am going to do one for home now. 
One for the kitchen full of herbs would be great also.

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