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Friday, 5 August 2011

tasmanian awe!

I am very lucky that i get to hop in my car and travel all over the place as I visit clients and their gardens.  The consultation service I run for gardeners and those wanting to garden means I see lots of people every week and see lots of different places.  
And often i just forget how lovely the countryside is until i am in it again.   I have been lucky enough to go to a few wonderful but not out of the way places lately on late winter days that are cool, clear and immeasurably still.  Windless, beautiful and reflections shining back at you from the water....   
They are quite awesome (or sicknuts as I am told is the new awesome!!...but we won't even go into that! - ask your teenagers if you don't know what I am talking about...)  Its lovely to be reminded of how close to our cities the beauty, peace and untouched landscape is.

The views are all hazy bluey grey and deep purples and have the effect of taking your breath and hearbeat down to moderate in our stressed lives and giving a calm ahhhh just when you need it.
These photos aren't of the gardens I've visited lately but the amazing and inspiring scenery I have travelled past.  Its leaves me happy and in awe for the rest of the day and totally thankful that i can live somewhere that gives me an experience worth smiling about. 
Its also incredibly inspring when you are making and working with people to make gardens, to remember & be reminded of the colours, forms, spaces and monuments of nature.

incredible colours and views.....surely one should be used to it by now??

 winter orchards have a special form colour and look all of their own and say so much about the tasmanian contrasting countryside.  nature and agriculture in the one majestic spot

  and of course the requirements of agriculture commerce and apples and fruit that we love.  straight across from awesome views and water.  fabulous in their own tottering castle.

 what colours...no wonder I sometimes love to use pink....this wonderful shade of vibrant pink is natural!

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