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Sunday, 30 October 2011

the man with the bronze walnut

Wow, where does the week go sometimes.....
We are gardening, installing and designing gardens madly at the moment....well I suppose it is spring....and having a ball with all this lovely green growth, blossom and flowers shining at us.    
Suddenly this week,  I've realised Christmas is just around the corner....and although its sometimes better not to think about it, I have promised the Christmas decorations in store and looking fab by 1st November.  So this Tuesday, we are rearranging and setting up for all those lovely things Christmas brings.

But in the meantime, there is a lovely story I would like to share about finds at Chelsea.

When I was at Chelsea in May, I stumbled across a small stall there that was connected to a foundry which did the lovliest sculptures.  We weren't really intersted in things like this as it was a bit impossible to take home, but for some reason we were drawn in. 

At the back of the stall on a little stool tucked away was a lovely collection of bronze cast life size walnuts.  They opened up like a little jewellery box and were totally irresistable, so being a good price, I just couldn't resist having something special like this to bring home with me.

When I returned home, I pondered the idea of having a few special things like this in the store from the  clever and lovely man, Robert from Felix foundry who was making these little treasures.
He hadn't ever considered sending things to Tasmania little-own Australia and really the these walnuts were sort of a side line ....but being generous of nature and with my wonderful powers of persuasion... I convinced him that it would be perfect to have them in my little store on the other side of the world.

So he has sent me the last 5 he had for this year.....hopefully he will do some more next year....cross your fingers and toes.  They are instore now and we admire them everyday.  Great for a gift or something special just for yourself.

Oh by the way come and find us on facebook Karen Wagner garden design Hobart, if you like to keep up to date every few days with all that is happening.....like those lovely bunches of peonies we are gettign every week at the moment....don't miss out.

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