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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

a most magnificent wedding

Just recently, I had the good fortune and privilege of attending a friends wedding. This wasn't just any old wedding....this was more like the wedding of every girls' dreams. A beautiful Australian country wedding with garden flowers, a huge white marquees, wild country paddocks, jewels, frocks, toughened boys in smart grey morning suits, laughter, joy and some tears. A bit like a chocolate box full of luscious favourite centres.

My family and I travelled from Hobart all the way to country NSW out the back of Scone. We were very lucky to stay with the groom's family, as my hubbie was best man for the occasion. They live on a large property in a homestead that has seen generations of the same family grow up, and all the family was home for the occasion so there were about a dozen children and nearly as many adults. Think comfortable well appointed rambling rooms, luxury sleepouts, covered verandas, rambling country garden, big old trees, a generous kitchen at the heart of proceedings, linen, love and laughter. It was crazy and fun and generous and we enjoyed long table dinners with much toasting and great food......but on to the wedding.

...out the back of Scone...

The Wedding itself was tear jerkingly beautiful of course. Held in a little sandstone country church in almost the middle of nowhere, the bride wore traditional white, the groom got nervous and we all enjoyed our frocks and hats for the occasion.
The flowers were all done by the ladies of the district who have watched both the groom and bride grow up. It was their loving contribution to the day, and the flowers were from all the gardens in the district and there were buckets and buckets and buckets of them of every assortment. The resulting giant gardenesque bouquets were romantic, old-fashioned, striking and not a patch on anything you could ever hope to get in a city florist shop.

buckets and buckets and

 buckets of flowers from beautiful gardens in the district.

 that turned into the most romantic, blousey bouquets.


...the bride on the way down the isle.

an enormous marque in the paddock..

set in a enormous rambling, impressive country garden...

..generations have enjoyed this exceptional country homestead...

Despite dreams of hot spring days and cool frocks, the weather didn't cooperate and it was cold and rainy nearly the whole time.....but the show went on and continued on into the depths of the evening.

It was one of the most fabulous and memorial experiences we as a family will ever have.

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  1. Quite impressed with awesome wedding arrangements. We attended a wedding party of our relatives at one of the enormous NYC wedding venues last year. Arrangements were undoubtedly impressive and venue adjusted quite a good number of guests.