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Monday, 17 October 2011

the parallel universe of giant pumpkins..

WOW....I found this endearing article when flicking through some older New Zealand house & garden magazines recently.  I do love NZ H&G as its always interesting and just a little different to our Australian take on things, and they have beautiful views, countryside, interiors and exteriors.

This lovely letter from a reader about his and his children's giant pumpkins brought a smile to my face.  I got thinking about those mad Americans to whom growing mighty big pumpkins is a yearly challenge and lifestyle almost.  There are lots of interesting  very mid-west American looking countrified websites out there all about giant pumpkins, winners, world records and vast essays on how to grow them. Isn't the internet a wonderful thing...it makes the world seem all that bit smaller and more homely sometimes.

I also was reminded about the times I had visited our very own Bream Creek Show in Tasmania, and we had awed and ahhed at the giant pumpkins.  Well hop onto the website because growing giant pumpkins is becoming a bit of a show stopper and there is lots of encouragement and information to get you on track and started.  What a fun thing to do!

If you have the space and inclination, then now that Hobart show week is upon us, and it is planting time for tomatoes, zucchinis and all things tender, it may be a good time to really gear up and get enthused and get those pumpkins seeds well and truly underway. (I hope its not too late to get them going)

I certainly wouldn't mind having a go myself....unfortunately my back yard is slightly small...but suddenly I could consider the heady competition of growing enormous pumpkins and entering the Bream Creek Show.  Anyone keen???.

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