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Friday, 9 December 2011

christmas tree inspiration

With those fresh cut Killicrankie Farm christmas trees due to arrive Friday next week, I suddenly realised I might need a little inspiration for the decoration for the tree this year.

Definitely lots and lots of tiny christmas tree lights....always ....because of their of  little firefly glow and twinkle that is irresistable and never fails to give a definite warm and fuzzy feeling.

But then should I have a colour theme.....or just do a lovely mix and match of the things I have tucked away.  These range from expensive porcelin hand painted ornaments -very exquisite- right through to the rather crushed and tattered precious daughters makings from a long time ago in year 1 at primary school.

So here goes....a few ideas and inspirations....baubles, colours, gingerbread, cottonwool balls!!, candles, real and dried fruit,  urns and tubs, stars and sparkles.....something for everyone.

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  1. Hi Karen, great selection of Christmas trees, plenty of inspiration there, I would have thought! Have a great Christmas, Tammy