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Friday, 23 December 2011

christmas festive spirit

T'was the night before christmas and all through the house.....

Well, finally it is almost upon us...only how many sleeps to go???

I have bought the sparkling (a christmas essential!!)  and am dying for work to finish so I can open it. 
I almost have the presents organised and just the wrapping, cooking, finalising business, staff party, dog toys, biscuits and stuffed turkey to go.  Have I missed anything?
I have even managed to do the Christmas decorations and get the house in order....

Its been a busy few weeks with lots of people in the garden store to buy presents, trees and generally share some bon ami.  It's lovely to catch up with so many people.  I hope everyone has a great Christmas and wonderful New Year.....and lots of rest and lovely family or friends to enjoy celebrations with. 
Thankyou to everyone who has supported us for the last 4 years and especially for this past year.  We have had another great year with lots of fun, great gardens and the nicest people....many of who I am pleased to say have become friends.

I thought I would share some of the lovely things we managed to do in the house this year to decorate for christmas...much of it thanks to my wonderful children.....well done girls.

this is the most beautiful fresh wreath that a rather clever friend of mine made for me...thankyou...maybe we will talk her into doing them for the store next year...

....and these are all the other things I thought were great but never got time to do.....maybe next year but great ideas......

Merry Christmas to All and to All....a good night!  Bon noel!

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