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Sunday, 18 September 2011

a few fab new bits and pieces

I've spent lots of lovely time with my family over these school holidays especially my teenagers which has been really fun and interesting - they make me laugh and cry!.  
There are so many great things to do in Tassie - I've discovered things all over again.  I have also dedicated  a few mild sunny mornings to finally getting on top of my garden after neglecting it for a while through my busy year - a little weeding now will mean I might be organised and set up for the summer. 
Now all those things from my recent buying trips have started to dribble in and its time to get head down and back to work I think- unpacking, cleaning, sorting.  Like these lovely French baskets...they are from Les Halles markets and you see them used for fruit and vegetables throughout all of the markets in france.

 these vegetable and fruit storage racks are wonderful, stackable and versitile.

 fabulous marrons glace boxes.  These lovely morsels of chestnut in sugary syrup are a delicacy and it takes a whole 4 days tomake them properly.  These boxes don't have the lovely sugary chestnuts in them but are great for kitchens and presents. (about 30cmx 15cmx10cm)

  some lovely new things from the Miss Jones range....always very popular.

these mesh tea light lamps are great for indoors or outdoors.

 lots of lovely pots for smaller plants, table tops, bathroom, dining, and indoor plants.

some lovely versatile glassware.  We have been having lots of fun putting plants into our glassware with great success.  Try succulents, babies tears or indoor plants for easy care or potted colour or cyclamens for a spring lift through the house.

some lovely indoor plants to inspire and this gorgeous zinc bucket with a tap!.

I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend enjoying the weather and for those of us who are finishing the school holidays....hope it was fun.  Enjoy.

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