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Friday, 9 September 2011

the tallest of trees

I snuck off again today for a little excursion....off to the derwent valley.  It was crisp and clear and fabulous at first until the rain caught us and it was wet but not really grey.  Still colourful and interesting.
We took the Russell Falls walk in Mt Field National Park and I was completed delighted by the dripping green lushness of the forest as we walked through it.  It was inspiring and almost like being in another world.  An enchanted one at that.  Its only a short walk and we had the place all to ourselves and as we came out the other end towards people and cars and normality it was a bit off putting.  It was so enjoyable looking at the plants and the trees.....not everyones cup of tea but I don't say this as a horticulturist.....just as someone who really enjoyed the experience.  If you haven't done it, then definitely do.  Its unique and wonderful.

lush green moss over every surface....this may not be moss...I may have it wrong.  Its on the ground, on the trees, everywhere.  its soft and lush and you could almost lie down in it.

a slightly enchanted wonderland...use your imagination here.... it was romantic and enchanted at the time!

  this is how Dicksonia antartica (our well loved tree fern)  should really look.  We see it often plonked into front yards but this is in its glory.  If we are going to use them in gardens they should be in this shady slightly wet environment forming a wonderful canopy of fronds with dappled light.

 fat bottomed trees make the rocking world go round!!  And they were so tall we could barely see the tops

We also ventured to the salmon ponds as the light and the last of the sun finished for the afternoon and watched and fed the marvellous fish.  It just makes you laugh to go and feed massive mad fish.  The salmon ponds gardens are beautiful especially with their late winter branches and green lawns.  Its a parkland setting and I am so looking forward to my picnic in the park that I am going to embark on in summer.  I am already planning the menu.

this was up the driveway with its skeletal populars.  Wonderful.  I am going back to take pictures of contrasting green in summer.

A trip to New Norfold/Derwent valley wouldn't be complete without dropping into the Drill Hall Emporium.  As usual beautiful things, superbly presented.  We picked out two things each that we would love to buy.  I think I may have to go back and get something.

The only thing missing is somewhere fabulous to go for lunch.....!  Is there anywhere good in the valley??

What a great day out....

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