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Sunday, 25 September 2011

inspire me.....

There are lots of things spinning around in my head at the moment.  I gave up yesterday and went and gardened in the sun for a few hours to try and calm the madness.
I have lots of design work on my desk and in my head that I am trying to sort and extract onto paper with a sense of order and interest - a courtyard, large town garden, moderate sized country garden and a conservatory and interior area that adjoins it.  
Its not all bad....(its lots of fun actually) .... so I have been focussing my ideas and looking at books, magazines and extracting pictures from my head for ideas and inspiration.  I have been collecting some great ideas for a thought board for a couple of jobs and thought I would share.  These are mostly modernistic and inspring for the right places and I'm trying to capture the feeling and add new, classic and fabulous twists and turns.

Hope everyone has had a great weekend in all this fabulous weather.  Sunshine and blossom are a wonderful and absolutley 'feel good' combination.

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