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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

a day out to MONA...!

With school holidays happenning and spring skies encouraging a little outdoor activity, I snuck a day off to go and play.  We went to MONA (Museum of Old & New Art) at Morilla,  as despite lots of promises, I hadn't made the effort to get there until now, and its long overdue.
It was fantastic....of course......doesn't everyone keep saying that. 
There were some amazingly clever contemporary installations as well as great collections of antiquities.  Things that really do make you go Aaahhhh! 
David Walsh has put together an amazing and interesting collection that is unique and awe inspiring and is presented to the ultimate degree.

The weather being truly Tasmanian meant we got all four seasons in one day - fairly normal for this time of year.  We caught the ferry up the river Derwent to the MONA dock which was great fun despite a few drops of rain on the way home and climbed the 99 steps to the top. 

The outside roof garden is doing fabulously well - it needs a little weeding but overall is impressive.  In fact the whole thing is impressive. 

 ships ahoy....on the ferry up the river.....  beautiful view down the river. 

the roof top garden with a fabulous view.  doing really well.

amazing artworks and installations everywhere.....

And then on the way home I had time to go and have a look at a few things I have been meaning to do.  I dropped into  Bottega Rotolo, a newish Italian inspired cafe, food shop, and cheese room.  They also do cooking classes.

I couldn't resist these little floral icing titbits.....

which then inspired one of my daughters to make little cupcakes to pop them on.  They got gobbled up very quickly but I just had time to snap a lovely picture. 

What a great day out....
Note to self.....do it more often.......

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  1. Mona is fantastic and I also loved the roof garden.
    I have been trying to avoid Bottego R as I know I'll buy too much cheese! Your cupcakes look lovely :)