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Monday, 16 May 2011


We have crossed the channell...in our high speed train.
A day of travelling to get here.
But suddenly we are all speaking English and things are easier to explain...
France is such a wonderful and beautiful place...but I wish my french was better...it would make it all  a little easier.  I must work harder on that one

There is definitely a difference with the gardens between here and France and we tried last night to pin down exactly what it is that makes it different.
French gardens for the day to day living are much smaller but overall, we think they are better finished and organised and this is where that idea that french gardens are more formal may come from.  They just aren't quite as blousy.  The emphasis is on finish and presentation and a little formality and then the next emphasis is on the flowering and more shrubby naturalistic plants.
Whereas here is England the first emphasis seems to be on the bushes, blousy flowering plants and the finishing off and neatness comes last.
Thats my wide sweeping generalisation anyway.

Of course the food has changed dramatically as well and we had a lovely pub meal last night.  The portion sizes are different (bigger) and you don't get salad with everything.  Shame we were enjoying the french eating experience.  Healthier it seemed with that salad there!

I do love their post boxes and red telephone boxes and red double decker buses here though.

Off to the gardens.....

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