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Saturday, 7 May 2011

galerie vegetale

Oh my feet hurt!!.....and so do my legs and everything else. 
We have walked miles today and are feelig it.   It's hot in paris and it really feels more summery than springtime, but the sun is shining and everyone is out enjoying.  Suddenly every cafe is crowded and seats are hard to find.  Nothing like a refreshing citron presse just when you can't walk another step!
Our local Babylone Cafe is fabulous and so close and on the way home we stop for a drink and a relax.  Such is the Parisian life!

We went on an adventure today to find a couple of little shops we had read about. Both in the 10th but really somewhat miles apart especially when armed with a map and very little french and sore feet!

The first is a wonderful designer who makes fabric and bags.  A lovely little shop and when we explained that we had come all the way from Australia  to find them, they were happy to chat away to us.  Then suprisingly when they found out we were from Tasmania, they we even more interested.  They knew all about our forests and wildlife and natural lifestyle and Tasmainan cheese....looks like the campaigns are working all over the world!
And what has this to do with gardens you ask....when most of the inspirations for the printed fabrics are botanical of course!
Look online at the lovely things...not yet sold in Australia but could be a possibility in the near future.

The other intersting shop was the galerie vegetale.....somewhat like a contemporary florist, come garden,shop, come installation of plants & garden things type shop.  They had some lovely displays and it was quite inspiring.  The building was tucked away down a little street and almost had an industrial feel.  Lots of interesting paraphernalia. Dedicated is the word that springs to mind. 

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