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Friday, 20 May 2011

The Prince and his garden

Today we went to visit the well known garden Highgrove belonging to the Prince of Wales HRH.  It was a little bit of a palarva to get in.....finding it, security checks etc., but we had a fabulous day.
I am sorry but there are absolutely no photos.....we had to leave phones and mobiles, binoculars, filming equipement etc in the car.
So I can describe it all to you...but that might be a bit boring, but I can't share it with you with any photos.
I will say that it totally exceeded all our expectations.  It was delightful and basically a real garden, well designed and unpretencious.  The Prince created it for himself and really it shows.
His philosophy is heavily towards organics, naturalistic ideas and peace and harmony.  He quoted us that the garden was created to satisfy the soul, warm the heart, and please the eye.  Not a bad brief for a garden really.
We also had the most fantastic high tea at the end of it as part of our ticket.  Glass of champagne...with a Highgrove label on it....!   Beautiful china, silver cutlery, tea cups and enormous delicate tea pot, a three tier plate of assorted small sandwiches, scones and jam & cream, and petite cakes and biscuits on the top layer.
 Absolutely delightful. 
I have taken lots of notes and sketches as I went and I think we will write HRH a letter thanking him for the privilege of seeing and enjoying his private gardens. 
If you ever get the chance go to Highgrove for the visit....wonderful.

Heres the only photo I have of the front gates that were snapped out of the car window.....

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