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Friday, 6 May 2011

Les Botanistes....wonderful restaurant find

There are places to eat everywhere in Paris and sometimes it can be daunting to find something that you feel comfortable going in and sitting down and actually having a meal and there can be a lot of indecision each night about where to go.  It all feels a bit hit and miss without at least a little local knowledge...although I have been reliably informed that you really won't  get a bad meal in Paris, but the price may be the factor.
With that in mind, we took the plunge and wandered almost next door to an interesting little restaurant that looked ok.....and voila......well what a find!.
Heres a little gem for your next visit to Paris.

Its called Les Botanistes on rue Chomel in the 7th. 

When the chef heard we spoke English and broken French ( I am practising but am still woeful!), he came to explain the lovely things he thought we would like from the menu.  And lucky he did.....we were looking longingly at the veau de lait but didn't realise that the other word in front was actually kidney.  Not sure I would have been over the moon about that one!

We had........
fresh fat white asparagus with viniagarette - the viniagarette was tart and runny and just delicious with the aspargus
sea base with braised artichokes - wonderful and not rich with a fabulous tasty sauce
the most wonderful artisan bread to mop up the juices
strawberry shortcake tart....tart sable aux fraise....absolutely divine.

We are going to go back before we leave Paris to see what else we can indulge in.  Well worth finding.

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