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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Romantic Jardin du chateau de la chatonniere

As a complete contrast to many of the chateau and properties we have seen, we discovered a small chateau with a family owned garden that was tended and looked after with love and care.  Still on a fairly large scale (a number of hectares) but with a much more informal and romantic feel about it, it was almost a relief to find a 'real' garden.
It's tucked away in the countryside down a few small lanes and was a delight to wander.
Set out as 12 separate garden rooms, it was full of roses...they were a big feature...herbs, flowers,  ornamentation and quirky features.
It's called Jardin a la Chatonniere.  Not as well known, its worth a visit and a wander.
It had a 'garden of abundance' set out in a formal style but then given a twist of being an enomous leaf design.  The garden of dance relies on thousands of daffodil bulbs set out in meandering patterns to give it a beautiful sway of colour.  The perrenial gardens next to the chateau were delightful and full of relatively well known and common plantings that gave it a lovely realisitic feeling but executed very well.

 The chateau being much more like a large family home rather than an enormous castle gave a more romantic atmosphere...it wasn't open but gave a presence to the whole estate. 
It was delightful.

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