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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Kifsgate Court...surprise surprise

What a pleasant and lovely surprise!!
This is a very large private garden tucked into a back lane in the Cotswolds, sitting around a large and interesting  house high up on the cliffs.  It has wonderful views and a few challenging slopes – which have been incorporated really well into the garden. 
It has a couple of fabulous water features...one a swimming pool set into a wonderful setting.  I think it might be the first swimming pool we have seen...not many of those in England!

The husband and wife team should be applauded as the garden would be quite a bit of work. The plantings are a bit clever with lots of the usual favourites....we don’t see much variation in plants in all these gardens in England we go to see!.......but the plantings here are more attuned for less work and more permanence and evergreen in the boarders etc.  Obviously a more realistic approach when there aren't a hoarde of gardeners employed to make it all look great.

There are lovely mixes of old and new in this garden but it all mixes together beautifully and it is difficult to actually date hen things have been added to the garden.

This is a garden to be in, live in, enjoy, laze by the pool, potter and work in for a whole Sunday and entertain your friends and loads of teenagers in.
Quite remarkable and certainly one of the loveliest gardens without any pretensious overtones.  Well loved and certianly enjoyed I would think....a well loved country estate feel.

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