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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Macaron! Yes please.

For foodies such as myself, wandering Paris means looking at yummy things & food ideas constantly and one definite destination is Lauderee, the most famous macaroon shop in the world. 
They develop a new flavour every year and of course we had to go and try a few of their classic favourites and a new one.   Orange Blossom, Cassis & violet, Citron, Pistachio, Raspberry (framboise) and the most incredible tasting Lily of the Valley in honor of springtime.  Wow what a treat.  They were delicious. The lily of the valley was an experience....like smelling that subtle perferm and tasting it at the same time.   
 Its ok...I didn't eat all of those, we shared them.  If you get to Paris, go to Lauderee on the Rue Royal.

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