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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

In England.....

Of course as soon as one sets foot in England, we suddenly are besieged with garden stores.  We came across this one full of interesting bits and peices on our first night right next to our hotel.  Every garden or attraction we visit has a garden store as part of their souveniers.  I don't see many in the rest of Europe and in France it was more about beautiful florists that also had plants and containers and special things.
Its quite lovely to have garden stores to look at everywhere we go.

I must also put in a good word for the English B&B.  When one thinks of B&B's in England, it tempting to think lumpy beds, chintz, dark low ceilings and wingeing poms.  But B&B's are a lovely revelation in England and especially around the English countryside.
Do a little research and you always come up with great priced B&B run by lovely people, with feather pillows, great hot breakfasts (a good English breakfast means you don't eat again all day!), well appointed rooms and even great bathrooms.
Really you couldn't ask for more.

When you stay in the countryside you get to see wonderful veiws and go for brisk walks in morning...and yes the sun is shining again today...but you also get to go to the local pub for dinner.  Last night was hilarious.  The bar hadn't been redecorated for the last 30 years, the place stank of dogs which were lounging all over the floor and the locals were delightful.  We enjoyed the conversation and the jokes and thanks to our landlord, they were expecting us so we were very well treated.   Really like straight out of a Sunday night English TV program.
And just to finish it off the meals were superb....no stodgy English cooking...just really good fare.

Although we do miss French bread...just lumpy squishy stuff here - suppose you cant have everything.

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