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Thursday, 12 May 2011

To Market To Market to buy a fat hen

Home again Home again jigerty jig....

Today is Market day in Loches and so we spent the morning exploring the town through cobbled streets and alley ways that was filled to the brim with the weekly Wednesday mroning market.
There was everything you can want to buy.  Food of every description of course, as one would expect with any French market,   Clothes, shoes, plants for decoration, seedlings for the potager, baskets, antiques, the chair mendor, etc etc.

We bought a selection of interesting things to try for lunch today but really it’s about the people and the fabulous produce.
Loches, where we are staying in the Loire,  is a lovely medium size village and seems to have quite a reasonable population attached to it, so we were able to see the French that live in the country out doing their daily/weekly business. 
 Its so much more relaxed than Parisian markets and the people are friendly.  There are however lots of English it seems here on holiday.  We met a couple from Jersey in the restaurant we went to last night who come often as it is easy and only an hour on the ferry, so they come often for 3-4 days to enjoy the food, wine and countryside.
 We have also had the pleasure of meeting some Belgian people at our accommodation that have been wonderful at teaching us French words and phrases.  Personal tuition always helps!

The restaurant we went to last night was Le Gerbe d’Or and as with everything now we are out of Paris, is was reasonably priced and the food was fab.  If you get to Loches one day, make this your stop for dinner.  We think we might go back again in a night or two.

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  1. I have just caught up on all your travels. Its wonderful to follow you. Thanks Karen. Continue to enjoy! Elise