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Thursday, 12 May 2011

French Maison

We have got lucky and are staying the most beautiful and well appointed B&B.  It can be so hit and miss to get a B&B on the internet when on the other side of the world before you come to France, so we are counting our blessings with this one and will recommend it to anyone.

The decor is superb with lovely ornate mix and match fabrics and ornaments in our rooms.  The paintings are Van Dyke style oils and everything has been thought of.  The owners are charming and genuinely interested in having you in their space.
There is an absolutely divine terrace overlooking the canal off the river and overlooking the nearby park.  So the feeling is of cool water and vivid green with classic French plantings and pots for ornamentation dotted throughout the terrace.

Oh and how could I forget....European style breakfast with decorative china and teapots and home made preserves.  Ooh la la, why would you want to go anywhere but just here....but no we have gardens to see, that’s right I remember now....
Off to the next chateau!

Le Logis du Bief 
21 rue Quintefol 

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